What should I take into account when I want to buy a used kiteboard?

When you just mastered the beginnins of learning to kitesurf and you want to buy a used kiteboard to start practicing then there is much less to consider than buying a used kite. (See here for some tipps for bying a used kite).

As large as possible

The kiteboard should be as large as possible because with a larger board it is easier to get the balance right and practicing the riding. With a larger board the gliding starts earlier and the first successfull waterstart will be guaranteed.


There are many kiteboard manufacturers who produce really large boards which have the so called "Door-Shape". These boards make it easier to start riding but for more experienced kiteboarders they are too large and not handy enough for the transport for example in a car. If you want to go riding when there is lightwind then they are in favour because they make the riding when there are no 20 knots blowing possible.

Not too heavy

Older kiteboards mostly weight a lot because they are not made with modern techniques like carbon for example. When you will become more experienced in kiteboarding then it is better your board is not that heavy which makes for example jumps easier.

Examples of boards which are good for beginners

We can suggest for kiteboarding beginners the Duotone Gonzales kiteboard.

Find the optimal boardsize.

With our boardsize calculator you can find the best matching boardsize for your weight.

Kiteboard front

Kiteboard with pads and a handle grab
Kiteboard von hinten
Kiteboard von vorne

Backside of the kiteboard

Backside of the kiteboard with fins