Unterschiedliche Kites

Different types of Kites

From top to bottom:
Foil-Kite, C-Kite, Delta-Kite.

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What should I take into account when I want to buy a used kite?

Here are some things you should keep in mind when buying a used kite. If you just learned to kitesurf and do not want to spend much money, then these tips should be useful for you.

The equipment should not be too old

The kite you are planning to buy should not be too old. A kite that is older than 5 years should be watched closely that the security system is fine and it is not too used.

Well working security system

Most important is that the kite contains a modern safety system. It is a must to get complety rid of the kite in two steps. The first step is to open the quickrelease which results in that the kite is connected with a single line to you and is not able to pull you anymore. After that the kite falls from the sky and is powerless.

The remaining line is connected with a safety leash to your harness. It is also important that you can disconnect from the safety leash complety to get rid of the kite. If the kite you are considering to buy does not confirm with these two rules using this kite is dangerous to life and you should think twice before buying it.

No 5-liner

Generally there is no problem when the kite you are planning to buy has a fifth line but it makes it harder to launch the kite back in the air when it is floating on the water. Handling a kite with a fifth line is not recommended for beginners. You can find many manuals on how to launch a kite with the fifth line from the water.


Typical C-Kite shape,
which is loved by pros.


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Delta- or Hybrid-Kite

You should keep an eye on the shape of the kite when considering to buy a used kite. For beginners it is important that the kite has a delta or hybrid shape. In contrary to the c-kite shape it is easier to fly and to relaunch from the water. Mostly the c-kites have a fifth line.

Are repairs or patches a problem?

In general repairs or patches on the cloth are no problem. It is important that all struts of the kite do not loose air. If the kite is professionally repaired by a sail maker for exmaple then it should have no impact on the flight characteristics of the kite.

Examples for kites which are proper for beginners

The Rally-Kites made by Slingshot are well know for being good for beginner. Additionally the XR-Serie created by Core can also be considered to buy when you are a beginner.

What is the best kitesize?

It mostly depend on the prevalent conditions of your favourite kitespot. As a beginner of kitesurfing you should not take a too big kite to start surfing. Check out the kitesize calculator to get an idea which is the right kitesize.